Monthly Archives: September 2012

Collision Detection in PyGame

I recently added collision detection to Eccoes using PyGame. It wasn’t as straightforward as I hoped that it would be. Collision detection in PyGame is based around sprite groups. The methods sprite.spritecollide() and sprite.spritecollideany() checks to see if a specific … Continue reading

The Future of Time Travel

The Future of Time Travel Now that I have the networking stack figured out for Eccoes, I need to start building it into a fun game. I’ve thought about different ways to have players battle against each other, and I … Continue reading

Py2Exe – Packaging my Python Game

I’m building Eccoes in Python. One of the problems with Python is that not everyone has it. That makes distributing my game all the more difficult. I added some GUI elements to my game yesterday to build a menu using … Continue reading