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A recent email message caught my eye Besides the silly mistake of messing up the subject line, it reminded me of the urgency that was in the previous emails. The first email promised that they would only be available for … Continue reading

People Need Love

I really enjoy listening to This American Life. It took me a few episodes to figure out why; it’s because I really like hearing people’s stories. Since I’ve been listening to so many people’s stories, another theme has emerged. It’s … Continue reading

History of the Book of Mormon

During my scripture study, I was curious about the phrase “liken all scriptures” in 1 Nephi 19:23. “Likening scriptures” is kind of odd phrasing, so I wanted to know more about that choice of words. ¬†Instead I found a commentary … Continue reading

Creating Maps for Eccoes

I’ve been working on a new game mode for Eccoes and I needed to make a new map. My current maps were stored as simple text files with symbols:

It was an easy way to store the information my … Continue reading

Avatar, Self Reliance, The Death Series, FTL

Avatar I loved the latest episode of the Legend of Korra¬†(Beginnings pt 1 and 2). It felt like watching a fairy tale or an epic legend. I think the art style combined with the pacing of the story helped produce … Continue reading

Recently Cool (October 19)

Neuromancer This week I finished Neuromancer by William Gibson. I’d seen it referenced as a great work of science fiction, predicting the rise of the Internet, and being an integral part of Cyberpunk. Reading it felt like a chore. I … Continue reading