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Dragon Quest 8 Android Save File

The Problem I had a copy of Dragon Quest 8 on my Android phone. I wasn’t really enjoying playing on the tiny phone, and wanted to delete it to free up the space is was taking up. Ideally I wanted … Continue reading

Creating Maps for Eccoes

I’ve been working on a new game mode for Eccoes and I needed to make a new map. My current maps were stored as simple text files with symbols:

It was an easy way to store the information my … Continue reading

SkiPHP Resolutions

I had a great time at SkiPHP! It was well organized with interesting speakers and located really close to home. I went to a mix of sessions on topics applicable to my current job as well as topics I knew … Continue reading

Using INI configuration files for Zend Framework 2

We’re exploring Zend Framework 2 at work, and one of the things we aren’t exciting about is configuration files full of arrays. We’re more comfortable with ini based configuration files. Application config: The main configuration file is in config/application.config.php

Continue reading

Interesting Chrome CSS Bug

We’ve been seeing an interesting bug show up in Chrome at work. We’ve been trying the CSS 3 feature that lets you use ‘even’ and ‘odd’ selectors to alternate coloring of rows in a data table. The upper left cell … Continue reading

Moving Camera in PyGame

I wanted to have a moving camera in Eccoes so that the player could explore levels that were way bigger than my default screen size. My first attempt was to see how this was done elsewhere. I followed a tutorial … Continue reading

Installing Windows on an SSD

I recently ordered a solid state hard drive from Amazon. They were doing a daily sale of a 128GB Samsung drive for $70. My co-worker told me about it and I went ahead and bought the drive, not even sure … Continue reading

Collision Detection in PyGame

I recently added collision detection to Eccoes using PyGame. It wasn’t as straightforward as I hoped that it would be. Collision detection in PyGame is based around sprite groups. The methods sprite.spritecollide() and sprite.spritecollideany() checks to see if a specific … Continue reading

Py2Exe – Packaging my Python Game

I’m building Eccoes in Python. One of the problems with Python is that not everyone has it. That makes distributing my game all the more difficult. I added some GUI elements to my game yesterday to build a menu using … Continue reading

NPR Morning Edition Bookmarklet

I like to listen to NPR’s Morning Edition. I’d like a podcast, but there isn’t one available. You can listen to it online, but I find it annoying to have to navigate through the home page to get it. I … Continue reading