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Creating Maps for Eccoes

I’ve been working on a new game mode for Eccoes and I needed to make a new map. My current maps were stored as simple text files with symbols:

It was an easy way to store the information my … Continue reading

Returning to Eccoes

After at least a year of laying dormant, there’s been some motion on my game. First, I came up with an idea of how to make multiplayer interesting. I had this conversation at least a year ago, but was mulling … Continue reading

Moving Camera in PyGame

I wanted to have a moving camera in Eccoes so that the player could explore levels that were way bigger than my default screen size. My first attempt was to see how this was done elsewhere. I followed a tutorial … Continue reading

Installing Windows on an SSD

I recently ordered a solid state hard drive from Amazon. They were doing a daily sale of a 128GB Samsung drive for $70. My co-worker told me about it and I went ahead and bought the drive, not even sure … Continue reading

Collision Detection in PyGame

I recently added collision detection to Eccoes using PyGame. It wasn’t as straightforward as I hoped that it would be. Collision detection in PyGame is based around sprite groups. The methods sprite.spritecollide() and sprite.spritecollideany() checks to see if a specific … Continue reading

The Future of Time Travel

The Future of Time Travel Now that I have the networking stack figured out for Eccoes, I need to start building it into a fun game. I’ve thought about different ways to have players battle against each other, and I … Continue reading

Py2Exe – Packaging my Python Game

I’m building Eccoes in Python. One of the problems with Python is that not everyone has it. That makes distributing my game all the more difficult. I added some GUI elements to my game yesterday to build a menu using … Continue reading

Eccoes – Replays and Testing

I’ve got rudimentary networking working in my game. Two clients can talk to each other directly, exchange messages, and show the movements of the other player. Sort of. The last time I demoed the game, one of the clients dropped … Continue reading

Skeleton CSS

I really like the minimalist features of Skeleton. There aren’t a lot of styles and it seems to effortless provide what I want. It still took me a bit of extra time to struggle through the styles because there really … Continue reading