I downloaded the 32-bit DVD iso from the Linux Mint website.

I installed it onto a flash drive using the Universal USB Installer.

I had some issues using the installer. It booted into Linux Mint just fine....but there seemed to be some issues. Images weren't loading. I couldn't click on the installer. I think my USB installation was faulty. I've always had issues with USB based Linux. Usually after a couple of boots, the USB stick becomes corrupt, and I can't use it any more. I neglected to format the stick before installing it the first time, so now I'm trying again.

The second time the Mint Desktop came up quickly and cleaning. I tested Internet, and then did an installation.

The problem I had with the installer is that it is too big for my netbook screen. I had to alt-click the window to drag it high enough to click the continue button. Luckily, I had learned this during a previous installation.

The first thing that impressed me was that the installer detected that I was using Ubuntu and Windows. It gave me the options of erasing Ubuntu or upgrading Ubuntu. I didn't think that there would be an upgrade path to Mint from Ubuntu, and I liked that it would have been easy to do. I chose to erase Ubuntu because I wanted to start fresh. I was also impressed that there was a feature to import Windows profiles. I don't know the details of how it would work. I was especially wondering if it would copy my files into Mint or simply link them. I thought it was cute that Mint took my picture for my user profile.

Installation was clean and painless overall.