Skeleton CSS

Things I’ve learned from using Skeleton

I really like the minimalist features of Skeleton. There aren’t a lot of styles and it seems to effortless provide what I want. It still took me a bit of extra time to struggle through the styles because there really wasn’t good documentation. The skeleton.css file is almost self-documenting, but not quite.

The main div for your page has the class of ‘container’. Or rather, the main div that you want to have columns inside of it.

You can put columns inside of columns, but you need to add the class of alpha to the left column and omega to the farthest right column. Those remove the padding and make it possible to fit columns inside of other columns.

A row class is useful for outer divs to make sure that the columns end at the same place, but I ended up using the clearfix class for my rows instead. The only difference is that a row adds space between it and the next set of columns, when I really wanted there to be no space.

I really like how the columns stack for a mobile view, but you still need to think about how to present things on mobile. On the page I’m working on I centered my columns and changed the way the menu is displayed.