Ice Cream Machine

Ahh...The soft serve Ice Cream machine. You may have seen one. On a cruise. At a buffet place. Or a convenience store.

Now I am talking about the Self-Serve vareity. At the core they sound like a great idea. Place a machine that is capable of producing unlimited happiness, and not need an employee to make ice cream for the jiggling masses. But then the troubles start.

Ice Cream machines break. Often. You wouldn't believe how often they are out of commission when a whole cruise load of people are entitled to 24 hour service. And that doesn't take into account all the little (and not so little) kids who spill ice cream everywhere.

Anyways. When Ice Cream machines break they put up an "Out of Order" sign, and they take the handles with them so you couldn't use the machines if you tried.

Sometimes they are not so kind.

Now this particular machine was placed out of commission because a kid had made a mess (missed the cone perhaps?) and left it for the food slave to clean up. So he took the tray to be cleaned and the handles so no one would make a mess. But he didn't let anyone know.

A man walks up a few minutes later with Ice Cream on the brain. He walks up to the machine and looks for the handles. Nothing. He cranes his head down to look around. Nothing. He looks around all the sides, and can't figure out how it works. He's got to feel pretty stupid..."Why can't I figure out the Ice Cream machine?? It's designed for children!"...until Our Kind Employee lets him know its broken.

Finally he comes back, with the handles! A group gathers around, bowls and cones at the ready, forming a semi-circle. The pressure is on. Can he fix it? If he fails, he will have to face the ice cream hungry masses behind him. But, yes! He succeeds! I go and get a chocolate/vanilla swirl cone. Delicious.

And that is what happens when an Ice Cream machine breaks.