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Life is Strange – Episode 2

I wasn’t completely taken with the game Life is Strange. I played the first episode back in December, and thought its time travel gimmick was clever, but wasn’t sure if I could stomach the high school drama. The time travel … Continue reading

Far Cry Blood Dragon: First Impressions

I’ve never played a Far Cry game, but dived into Far Cry Blood Dragon anyway. The game is infused with an 80s action movie vibe that I especially like in the user interface. The loading screen resembles a VHS tape … Continue reading

Infinifactory – Just make it work

I was feeling really good about this level in Infinifactory. It’s the Anti-Javelin Battery. I had to salvage pieces from an existing object and turn it into a new one. I created a really slick system to salvage those pieces … Continue reading


A recent email message caught my eye Besides the silly mistake of messing up the subject line, it reminded me of the urgency that was in the previous emails. The first email promised that they would only be available for … Continue reading


Today at stake conference, our stake president spoke on adversity. It brought to mind a lot of memories. I heard a snippet of short story on the radio about a man’s memories of a chess teacher. 1One quote that stood … Continue reading

General Conference Study Plan

One of the ways I like to study the gospel is through General Conference. The talks are often based on the scriptures, but the focus is usually on applying the gospel in our day-to-day lives. Because the greatest value lies … Continue reading


A recent Facebook conversation caused me to rethink the legality of the streaming service VidAngel. I won’t be considering the filtering aspect of the service, because my concern is that the underlying streaming is not legal. Their sales model is … Continue reading

Free To Play

I’ve been playing a Free To Play game recently and thinking about a lot of the issues surrounding it. I’m playing Pokemon Picross, which I was excited about because I like Picross puzzles and thought the Pokemon theme looked interesting. … Continue reading

Curtis’s Train Adventure

My son Curtis loves trains. Some of that he gets from me. When I was a toddler, I could see train tracks from outside the apartment and would always rush to watch the trains go by. I got a train … Continue reading

People Need Love

I really enjoy listening to This American Life. It took me a few episodes to figure out why; it’s because I really like hearing people’s stories. Since I’ve been listening to so many people’s stories, another theme has emerged. It’s … Continue reading