Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

My random game for today was Majesty. I was impressed, because I really hadn’t heard of the game before. The premise seemed weird – it’s a strategy game where you don’t control the units. The hero characters are completely autonomous – they will fight, gather gold, purchase upgrades, and explore all on their own. It seemed like something that wouldn’t work.

It was definitely a unique experience. It most reminded me of an open world tower defense game. You place your units and then watch them operate. And it looks like you can earn and upgrade a whole suite of spells, but the difficulty level also rises to meet this power. I found the easier levels quite enjoyable, but the two harder levels I tried were unforgiving. It seems the game expects you to have a good plan, and a good understanding of all the various tradeoffs – things I haven’t done yet. I’m not sure I want to put more time into really understanding the intricacies, but I enjoyed seeing this twist on familiar games.

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