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Today at stake conference, our stake president spoke on adversity. It brought to mind a lot of memories. I heard a snippet of short story on the radio about a man’s memories of a chess teacher. 1One quote that stood … Continue reading

General Conference Study Plan

One of the ways I like to study the gospel is through General Conference. The talks are often based on the scriptures, but the focus is usually on applying the gospel in our day-to-day lives. Because the greatest value lies … Continue reading


A recent Facebook conversation caused me to rethink the legality of the streaming service VidAngel. I won’t be considering the filtering aspect of the service, because my concern is that the underlying streaming is not legal. Their sales model is … Continue reading

Free To Play

I’ve been playing a Free To Play game recently and thinking about a lot of the issues surrounding it. I’m playing Pokemon Picross, which I was excited about because I like Picross puzzles and thought the Pokemon theme looked interesting. … Continue reading

Curtis’s Train Adventure

My son Curtis loves trains. Some of that he gets from me. When I was a toddler, I could see train tracks from outside the apartment and would always rush to watch the trains go by. I got a train … Continue reading

I don’t understand comic books

I’m trying really hard to ‘get’ comic books. Over the last two years I’ve read most of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, The Watchmen, and a collection of the best Batman books (The Dark Night Returns, Hush, Year One, The Long Halloween, … Continue reading

On going to bed early

Some days being a grown up is hard. I just got off of a week where I was just completely exhausted and not getting ahead. And it’s a disaster when it comes to the weekend and all I want to … Continue reading

Being a nerd makes things complicated

My computer wouldn’t turn on one evening, and after opening it up and poking around I figured out the problem was the graphics card. Once I removed it from the computer, it turned on. Ostensibly I’m blaming my son, since … Continue reading

To The Moon

I recently played the game To The Moon by Freebird Games. I has heard a lot of good things about it, and knew that it was an artsy interesting game. I’m struggling to figure out why I liked it. Is the narrative actually … Continue reading

Video Game Choices

I’ve been thinking a lot about choices in video games since playing Mass Effect 2 and The Walking Dead. (No spoilers for either game in this post) What’s intriguing about Mass Effect is that it incorporated some failure as part … Continue reading