Monthly Archives: January 2015

Make a game in a month

I’m an avid watcher of Extra Credits. I’m not really interested in working in the video game industry, but I find discussions of games and mechanics fascinating. Their recent video encouraged budding game developers to focus on finishing games and … Continue reading

Being a nerd makes things complicated

My computer wouldn’t turn on one evening, and after opening it up and poking around I figured out the problem was the graphics card. Once I removed it from the computer, it turned on. Ostensibly I’m blaming my son, since … Continue reading

To The Moon

I recently played the game To The Moon by Freebird Games. I has heard a lot of good things about it, and knew that it was an artsy interesting game. I’m struggling to figure out why I liked it. Is the narrative actually … Continue reading

High School Reading

High school students are bad at reading. If you hated any of the books that you were assigned to read in high school, try giving them another shot. High school readings live in a weird world. Students turned to summaries … Continue reading