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These are game projects that I’m working on.

Life is Strange – Episode 2

I wasn’t completely taken with the game Life is Strange. I played the first episode back in December, and thought its time travel gimmick was clever, but wasn’t sure if I could stomach the high school drama. The time travel … Continue reading

Infinifactory – Just make it work

I was feeling really good about this level in Infinifactory. It’s the Anti-Javelin Battery. I had to salvage pieces from an existing object and turn it into a new one. I created a really slick system to salvage those pieces … Continue reading

Make a game in a month

I’m an avid watcher of Extra Credits. I’m not really interested in working in the video game industry, but I find discussions of games and mechanics fascinating. Their recent video encouraged budding game developers to focus on finishing games and … Continue reading


“Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law without contradiction” – Immanuel Kant People who pirated Game Dev Tycoon were ironically plagued with piracy within the game. The developers … Continue reading