Far Cry Blood Dragon: First Impressions

I’ve never played a Far Cry game, but dived into Far Cry Blood Dragon anyway. The game is infused with an 80s action movie vibe that I especially like in the user interface. The loading screen resembles a VHS tape that is having trouble playing. From the opening sequence, I found the helicopter attack sequence to be bizzare. The game hands you a gatling gun and you can shoot at things, but there doesn’t seem to be much point to it. It felt like they were afraid you might get bored and wanted to give you something cool to do before dumping you into the tutorial. The tutorial itself was woven into the narrative as a practical joke that got activated and the protagonist keeps complaining about how stupid it is. As far as tutorials go, it was intended more to make sure you know the controls, but (probably) presumed you were familiar with Far Cry because I managed to die a few times before figuring it out. And then you attack a base with a sizable arsenal of weapons, and I realized that this was meant to be the part where they show you how cool everything is. After this opening mission, I lost all my weapons. We’ll see if I give it another try.



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