The Lord Will Prevail

General Conference was still hard with kids today.

I was really quite taken with President Nelson’s story about myopic. It raised so many questions – did he have a lesson in mind when he passed the word along? Or was he trusting in inspiration that he did not yet understand? I would be concerned with how it might be received, and yet it turned into a really profound lesson.

Maintaining an eternal perspective turns a lot of problems on their head. Things like suffering, difficulties, and even death don’t seem so bad when you don’t see them as permanent. And I think once it’s combined with loving and serving others, it feels like an unstoppable force.

The one story about the missionary missing out on the historic event at the Tokyo conference resonated with me as well. It just seemed to validate all the other parts of this year that suck, besides the death and sickness and racial injustice. Like, that it was okay to feel sad about everything else too. I can’t remember if there was advice offered, but I’ll be looking again soon.

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