The President Has Covid

There’s a lot on my mind today, but this is the story that is so overwhelming. The President of the United States is has been hospitalized with the coronavirus. The whole thing is just so upsetting. And I think what’s so upsetting is that it’s not just him, but it’s looking like almost two dozen people at this point. It’s just frustrating to see people that we call our leaders, and their hand picked advisors and professionals all fall ill because they weren’t ignoring the basic safety advice. I’m not saying that this could have been prevented, but it didn’t have to be this bad. It’s really looking like the event to introduce the new Supreme Court nominee is what they all have in common, an event marked by no masks, close proximity and hugging! And it just feels like that we’re never going to turn the corner on this pandemic, because this keeps happening.

I think there’s also a lot of anxiety because it looks like things can still get worse. How many more White House staffers will turn up positive? Cabinet members? Senators? What if someone dies? There’s going to be serious and lasting consequences – and it didn’t have to be this bad. I’m just upset at how reckless this is, and how many unrelated innocent people are yet to be harmed.

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